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How to Clean Leather
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Leather Types

Leather Types

Pigmented leather.



Most leather sold today is pigmented leather , typically white or cream .It is leather treated with pigments which sit on the surface , similar to painting. It needs to be cleaned and maintained, to prevent a build up of dirt and to protect from catastrophic spillages and stains, which will permanently stain your suite. At Leather Clean we recommend a thorough clean once a year followed by treatment with our top quality protector. Maintenance should be a wipe over with a damp cloth, no detergent once a week.Pigmented leather is a bond between the pigment and the leather , which can be undermined by body oils etc and cleaning is importan.



Anniline/Semi Anniline



This is quite common and is the type of leather, which is dyed using transparent dyes, so that the natural texture and blemishes of the leather show through, creating that natural look. It is a semi porous leather which needs to be cleaned with a foam cleaner.We recommend it is cleaned and protected once a year to maintain the leather in top condition.



These types of leather are very difficult to clean and it is absolutely vital that they are protected soon after purchase.Nubuck cloths should be used for maintenance and a full clean , brush and protection is recommended once a year.

Other Leathers

There are lots of other leather finishes, too numerous to list here but all have their own cleaning requirements, which the experienced leather cleaner will know.


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